Oppvarming med Digitalism

Torsdag 9. august besøker den tyske DJ-duoen Digitalism Parkteatret. Det er syv år siden de sist var i Norge, og nå tar de med seg et show de aldri har spilt i Skandinavia tidligere! Vi har tatt en prat med Jens «Jence» Moelle and İsmail «Isi» Tüfekçi.

ASL (age/sex/location)
The Information Age / Binary / Hamburg

For those who does not know you that well, can you describe your music?
“If Franz Ferdinand are doing rock music that make people dance, Digitalism are making dance music that make people rock.” A phrase that we coined towards our beginning, but it still describes our music perfectly today.

Your first album, Idealism, was released in 2007. How will you describe the journey from then to now?
We’ve come a very long way since we started. A way in waves, sometimes through the unexpected dark. We’ve done things we’ve never imagined before, and of course we’ve grown in experience, catalogue and vision. Coming from a DJ background originally, we’ve turned into a two-man electronic band that released several albums and played live tours and DJ shows around the globe. It’s been a wild ride since Idealism, but we still feel like we’ve only scratched the surface yet. All the adventures from our travels are being brought back onto paper and to the studio, and from there back to the people out there.

 You played in Norway back in 2011. What has changed, what can the Norwegian audience except from your live show at Parkteatret?
We’ve released so much new music since then! And our live show has evolved a lot further. We work on it and change it every season, and looking back to 2011… well, that was seven years ago. Back then we came to present album number two . This time we come past more albums and EPs with our new stage setup that we’re really proud of actually — it’s the first time we’ve been involved in the whole visual concept and from the beginning. And it’s so cool. Wait for it. — Also, we’re really excited to play all our new songs for Norway.

What / who are you most influenced by musically?
We are romantics, so we think in soundtracks. We grew up with lots of movie OSTs and video game music and took it all in. Now we’re making the soundtrack for our lives.

Which artist/band are you listening to most these days?
There’s so much music out there; we don’t really focus on just one thing for too much. Even if we did, it would change tomorrow. We get bored very easily, we absorb everything but it’s the mix that does it for us.

Tell us about the first concert you ever played.
That was 2005 at L’Ososphere Festival in Strasbourg. Our label asked us to play a live show and our agents locked everything in, so there was no way out of it. We’d never done anything like it before, so we had to come up with something. After endless nights of rehearsing we finally went to France wasting our soundcheck slot by doing nothing at all and then emptying a whole industrial fridge full of booze. The show was so bad that it was actually funny. But we played for a whole half hour and even gave an encore… After that, the next fridge… It was the biggest thing ever for us.

What was the first concert you ever went to? How old were you, who played and why do you remember it?
Isi can remember going to Michael Jackson, but attending from outside because there were no tickets left. Age? Not so sure. Jence can’t really remember because it was pretty early but it could have been a couple of bands or artists.

The big thing for us though, when we started playing live shows, were The Hives. We watched their show recording from a venue in Brussels, the “Ancienne Belgique”, and it was absolutely dope. A few years later we actually got to play there ourselves, that was a big moment for us.

Tell us something you laughed about today.
Watching the clips of Salvatore Ganacci’s crazy performance at Tomorrowland earlier today (respect – it just made us smile). It’s what we and Sven Vath call “Gude Laune”!!

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