Live Nation & Yngling pres. Thursday 7. february

Escape The Fate (US)

Supp: Slaves (US) + The World Over (US)

Escape The Fate har siden bandets opprinnelse i 2005 delt scene med navn som Atreyu, Papa Roach, Bullet For My Valentine og My Chemical Romance. I vår ga bandet ut sitt sjette studioalbum, «I am Human», et album som uten tvil er Escape The Fates mest mangfoldige og signifikante til nå.

«Sonically, we’ve always been a diverse band who have everything from ballads to really heavy songs – and our fans expect that – but I think on this album we’ve gone full force with it. The heaviest songs are the heaviest we’ve ever written, and the poppy songs are the poppiest we’ve ever done. We came to this kind of ‘who cares what people think of us’ realization this time around – we’re amplifying everything that we love about this band in all directions and it has been incredibly liberating,» sier frontmann, Craig Mabbitt.

Albumet er produsert av Grammy Award-nominerte Howard Benson (Papa Roach, My Chemical Romance, Mötörhead).

«He pushed us incredibly hard to expand ideas beyond where we initially thought they could go,» sier gitarist Thomas «TJ» Bell. “He’s a master at looking at a song and picking out the smallest details of what could be improved but doing so in a way which makes sense for the overall tone of the record.»

Vokalist Mabbitt er sikker på at albumprosessen har vært bandets mest fruktbare og kreative til nå.

«It has been a real team effort this time around. We have all worked on lyrics, all contributed to the songwriting process. We’re the most unified as a team I think we’ve ever been, certainly in my history in the band. I actually wish we hadn’t done a self-titled album already because I think this is our most definitive statement yet.»

7. februar besøker Escape The Fate Parkteatret, og bandet er klar i sin tale: «We’re coming for everyone and we aren’t taking any prisoners.»

Slaves (US)

The World Over (US)

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